MSC 2013 was held on Thursday and Friday, March 28-29, 2013. Complete Program is now online (Thursday,Friday).

Anions Dramatically Enhance Proton Transfer across Water Interfaces.
Personnel and collaborators: Himanshu Mishra, Shinichi Enami, Dr. A. J. Colussi, Prof. M. Hoffmann, Dr. Robert Nielsen

NSF Current: A Nano Approach to Water Filtration. work related to Dr. Mamadou Diallo.

Ekaterina Tkatchouk Poster "Rotational State Molecular Electronics" at the FENA Annual Review won best poster award this year (Si-Ping Han won in 2008). Her poster can be read from here.

Hyungjun Kim Poster at FENA described "Negative Differential Resistance of SAM of Oligo (Phenylene Ethylene) on Au (111) Surface : Electric Field Induced Conformational Change Mechanism." To see this poster click here.

MSC 2008 was held on Thursday and Friday, April 3-4, 2008. Complete Program is now online (Thursday, Friday).

Feb. 11, 2008: Dr. Goddard receives ACS Award in Theoretical Chemistry

Jan. 29, 2008: Caltech team involving Si-Ping Han (MSC), Erik Winfree (Computer Science), and Marc Bockrath (Applied Physics) awarded best poster for Theme 2 (Nano Structures and Patterns) at the FENA (Fundamentals Engineering of Nanoscale Assemblies) review.

August 19-23, 2007: The American Chemical Society, Division of Computers in Chemistry held a 5 day symposium: "Bold Predictions in Theoretical Chemistry: A Symposium in Honor of One of the Boldest, Bill Goddard, on the occasion of his 70th Birthday" at the ACS National Meeting in Boston August 19-23. This symposium was organized by Prof. Emily Carter (Princeton) and Prof. Mark Gordon (Iowa State).

Dr. Goddard has been ranked #42 among chemists.

Julius Su was awarded a Herbert Newby McCoy Award in Chemistry for 2007. Congratulations Julius!

Debbie Chester passed away Thursday 3/22/07

MSC 2007 was held on Thursday and Friday, April 5-6, 2007. Abstracts are available online.

The US EPA National Center for Environmental Research has published an article on its website about  Mamadou Diallo's Excellence In Review Award from Environmental Science and Technology.

Congratulations to our recent graduates, Dr's Joyce, Shantanu, Smith and Spencer!

MSC 2006 will be held on Thursday and Friday, April 6-7, 2006.

1st Workshop on Multi-Paradigm Multi-Scale Modeling in the Computational Materials Design Facility (CMDF) was held on August 23-24, 2005. Presentations are online here.

The MURI-ARO-EM kickoff meeting was held July 26, 2005.
       Presenta tions are now online.

MSC 2005 was held on Thursday and Friday, March 17-18, 2005. Click here to see the program.

Computational Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering conference, an NSF sponsored Pan American Advanced Studies Institute (PASI), jointly organized by the MSC and the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana took place in Cali, Colombia, from February 15-18, 2005.

Prof. William Goddard received an honorary P h.D. at Uppsala University, Sweden

PROM Kickoff Meeting was held on Sunday, July 18.

Computational Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering, A Pan American Advanced Studies Institutes (PASI) NSF Sponsored Workshop, January 4-17, 2004, Caltech, Pasadena

Santiago Solares, Mario Blanco, and Prof. William Goddard, won a design prize in the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing's 2002 pr izes.

GPCR Story reported at C&E News

During the 10th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing announced the winners of the 2002 IMM Prizes in Computational Nanotechnology. Awards were made in three categories of
the four categories covered by the IMM Prizes in Computational Nanotechnology.  The DESIGN Category was won by the team of Santiago Solares, Mario Blanco, and William A. Goddard III.  The RENDERING Category was won by Carlo D. Montemagno.  The SIMULATION Category was won by Lawrence Fields and Jillian Rose.  See details here.-

Goddard Cited as Leader in Quantum Simulations in the Technology ReviewArticle - Nanotech by the Numbers.

Congratulations to Pete Huskey, Arjun Mendiratta, and Jason Keith for winning NSF fellowships.

Robert (Smith) Nielsen wins 2001's Graduate Teaching Assistant award for outstanding performance in Ch120a

Goddard named by Institute of Scientific Information as one of the 99 most Highly Cited Chemists for 1981 to 1999.

News Release on a talk given by Dr. William A. Goddard III at a recent Nanobiotechnology Conference sponsered by IBC UK Conferences

Jeremy Kua and Derek Debe share Herbert Newby McCoy Award

JPL and MSC scientists win a NASA Space Science 2000 Award.

Dr. William A. Goddard III received the 2000 Tolman Award from the Southern California ACS section.

Dr. William A. Goddard III received a Certificate from ISI that he is an Original Member of the Highly Cited Researchers database.

Caltech team was awarded 1999 Feynman Molecular Nanotechnology Theory Prize at The Seventh Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology

The Materials and Process Simulation Center (MSC) is a major resource center in the Beckman Institute at the California Institute of Technology. It is directed by William A. Goddard III, Charles and Mary Ferkel Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science, and Applied Physics at Caltech and was established by him in July 1990 to expand the research activities of his group to better emphasize the application of the new methods of theory to critical problems of industrial interest.