Subject: Fwd: debbie chester died thursday 3/22/07
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 10:56:48 -0700
From: Catherine May

>To all:

It is with great sadness that I forward the e-mail that I received from Tom Chester late last night. I know we will all miss Debbie.

>debbie just slightly outlived the six month life expectancy given to
>her last august, and died fairly peacefully sometime in the early
>morning hours of 3/22/07. a week before her death, she sensed that
>her death was imminent, and called me with final information about
>where important documents were located.
>she was able to spend most of her last six months at home in tucson,
>where she was cared for by her mother, hospice staff, and her good
>friend wanda sharry, with our son scott staying in daily
>communication with her by phone and also taking care of many of her
>financial details. she only needed a formal caregiver in her final
>week of life, and hence passed away without having to suffer further
>needing full-time care.
>please pass this information along to her good friends at caltech
>and princeton. she was very heartened six months ago by the
>sentiments everyone passed along, especially that wonderful note
>from john hopfield. thanks to everyone who brightened up her final
>seven months!
>tom chester